Temporary Tattoos that come to life.

HoloTats are temporary tattoos that come to life using a free app (iOS & Android) that inspires creativity and enhances imagination!


Watch as these temporary tattoos spring into action on your mobile phone or tablet. Each design is rendered with stunning graphics and comes to life using cutting-edge technology.


Hold the future of augmented reality in the palm of your hand and portal into another world!


frog1 (1)

Play and learn with an assortment of exotic and endangered species that are accurately recreated, have fun with a collection of magical friends, or satisfy your need for speed with a combination of vehicles.


Download the free HoloTats app from the App Store or Google Play and see into a new dimension. Take photos and videos to share the experience instantly with friends and family.

HoloTats are…
  • A great gift any time of the year.
  • Fun for ages 6-106.
  • Perfect for playtime, party favors, or as a high-tech face painting alternative.
  • Fast to apply & easy to remove.


Stick it, Scan it, Share it!